* Pi Makina Müşteri Memnuniyeti Anketi / Customer Satisfaction Survey

  I Agree Partially Agree I Dont Agree
Grateful from PI Makina company and think that I continue to work with them in the future too
PI Makina care about the quality of its customer satisfaction
PI Makina provide my requirements and always support me when needed
PI Makina send me the requested offer of the product / service in a short time
The written information on PI Makina offers are clear and sufficient the machine.
The period of time of PI Makina offers is enough to study and respond to them
PI Makina provides the desired product in a short time
PI Makina is committed to the terms of the contract
PI Makina deal when we changed our request in record time
PI Makina is process and send the required machine at the time we have indicated in advance
PI Makina tell us about the changing conditions and the date of delivery at the right time
PI Makina packaging the product that they send to us properly
PI Makina send the product that we request fully and with excellent quality
Duration of delivery the machine/product in pi makina is fast
Grateful for speed of the service in PI Makina when I am having a problem in their products
PI Makina provide me with sufficient information about the machine after the dissolution of my problems
PI Makina website is sufficient to introduce their products and services
Identification papers, catalogs etc. are enough to introduce their products and services my machine
Comunication tools of PI Makina like (phone, fax, internet, etc.) are enough
I can get to the responsible person for the subject that i want to talk about it in PI Makina easily

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