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1st Panel, "International,  Regional & National Strategies of Public Institutions on The Role of TTOs in Enhancing Academic IP Commercialization on International, Regional and National Scale”
2nd Panel, "The Mindset & Behaviours That Support Or Inhibit The Successful Exploitation Of Innovation and Entrepreneurship"
3rd Panel, Success Story: “GlakoLense – Boğaziçi University”
4th Panel, Success Story: “Mikro Biyosistemler Inc. - Middle East Technical University”
5th Panel, University IP Policies: “WIPO Department for Transition & Developed Countries”
6th Panel, Success Stories: “Israeli Experience”
7th Panel, Success Stories: “USA Experience”
8th Panel, “Legal Matters and The New IPR Law 6769 in Turkey”
9th Panel, “Patent Evaluations”
Organizational arrangements for and during the event
Dates of the conference
Conference venue/facilities

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