1. Are you a member of SPE Turkey Section?

2. Do you get the announcements for SPE Turkey activities?

3. How often do you attend the activities hosted by SPE Turkey

4. How beneficial do you find the SPE Turkey montly seminars?

5. How do you find the social activities within the SPE Turkey events? (you may select two options)

6. Should SPE Turkey organize social activities in addition to the technical programs as well?

7. What else can SPE Turkey offer to their members?

8. Can you give your feedback about ASUR’14 (SPE Turkey Section Annual Symposium - Unconventional Resources) and your recommendations about the future symposium topics?

9. In addition to support and scholarship, how can SPE Turkey help students to make them more qualified in both technical and social perspective?

10. Any recommendations for SPE Turkey Section activities? (speakers, different activities and topics etc.)