Instantly reward your survey respondents!
Put survey rewards on auto pilot
Add optional budgets to your survey reward
Add optional approval process to verify respondents should receive a reward

Hi, we're Tremendous, the easiest way to compensate survey respondents through SurveyMonkey!

We offer the widest set of options for recipients across the global with no extra work for you as a reward sender. Our catalog includes:

  • US and International eGift Cards
  • worldwide Virtual Visa and MasterCard
  • charitable donations
  • digital cash

Send rewards automatically when a participant completes a survey.

  1. You specify, in our interface, what reward to send when a person completes your survey.
  2. When a respondent completes a survey, Tremendous emails the respondent with their reward!
  3. Track every reward and view detailed reports in our dashboard interface.

Optionally, review and approve respondents

To prevent fraud or other bad actors, Tremendous allows you as the reward sender to pause the execution of payment to respondents until you manually approve them in our dashboard in bulk.

Deliver survey rewards from your email with your branding

Customize the reward experience with your own logo, messaging and images.

No platform or reward fees

There are no fees to send rewards with Tremendous. You only pay for what you spend.