I. International Human Rights Academy of the Aegean Application Form

* 1.  Name and surname*:

* 2.  E-mail address*:

* 3.  Phone:

* 4. Birthday*:

* 7. Your school if you are a student

* 8. Your department if you are a student

* 9. Your class if you are a student

* 10. Do you have any work on human rights and if so could you please write a few sentences about it?

* 11. Your first choice of accomodation*:

* 12. Address:

* 13. City:

* 14. Special conditions:
Alergy, phoby, physical or psychological problems, special diet, etc.

The fact that you filled and sent this registration form means that you agree and comply with the conditions set by the Village. These conditions can be found at this address: http://matematikkoyu.org/eng/about/regulations.php
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