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Gain the insights you need to grow your business. Collect, analyze, and act on your customer feedback with SurveyMonkey’s turn-key NPS® solution.

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Key features

Timely customer outreach

Automate your customer feedback data collection through triggered surveys sent at specific milestones in the customer journey.

Review NPS benchmarks

Gain a competitive advantage by comparing your NPS with your peers’ using the world’s largest NPS benchmark dataset.

Connect NPS to revenue

Identify the impact your NPS is likely to have on your future revenue, and plan campaigns knowing the revenue upside.

Analyze key NPS drivers

Understand the drivers behind your NPS, and identify your key strengths, common themes, and areas for improvement.

Prevent over-surveying

Set up global or per-survey throttling rules to stop customers from receiving too many requests for feedback.

Take action faster

Automatically sync your customer feedback data to Salesforce to share insights with your team, so they can take action faster.